Our Adjuvants

Dalton Biotecnologie’s mission is to find quick, effective solutions to any issues that may arise in the dairy industry. Dalton has devised a range of additives that will prevent or remove any inconveniences that may directly or indirectly affect the economic production system, thus resulting in the loss or depreciation of a product.

Dalton’s adjuvants can be used for:

- Natural preservation for fresh “pasta filata” cheese (mozzarella cheese)

- Reduction of weight loss in fresh cheese (mozzarella cheese)

- Prevention of proteolysis in fresh “pasta filata” cheeses

- Enhancement of milk coagulation process and curd-synereses

- Prevention of early or late blowing defects in cheeses

- Brine treatment

- Prevention of undesired mould formation

- Cold smoking for cheese

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Our NATURAL line

A line of probiotics with antagonistic properties against contaminating and pathogenic cheese bacteria.

Our Natural line products can greatly improve the shelf-life of brined cheeses.

Natural M – specific for mozzarella cheese.

When added to bag liquid, Natural M can prevent the growth of contaminating bacteria,  stabilize the consistency of mozzarella cheese and minimize its weight loss, thus succeeding in keeping unaltered product freshness, consistency, elasticity and appearance.

Natural B – specific for white cheeses (Greek and Bulgarian Feta).

When added to brine, it can prevent the growth of contaminating bacteria and avoid cheese defects such as surface softening and viscosity.

Both formulations are available in 25 kg packages.

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A salt mix that can restore salt balance in low-sodium milks or in milks that have been exposed to thermal stress.

Coferm can accelerate the curdling process, improve curd rheological behaviour, facilitate whey discharge and improve performance in the industrial production process.

The product must be dissolved in warm water and added to milk before milk coagulants.

Coferm is available in 25 kg packages.

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Our Liquid Smoke

Dalton’s liquid smoke Fumo Liquido is a natural, purified product, generated from the aromatic wood chips of virgin trees and is suitable for cheese smoking through immersion.

Healthy, clean and easy to use, Dalton’s Fumo Liquido has to be diluted with 50%  drinking water   and used for cold immersion smoking.

The contact time is very short and varies according to the intensity of the colour and the aroma desired.

Dalton’s liquid smoke is produced in compliance with current Italian Health and Safety regulations.

The limited presence of PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) renders Fumo Liquido a healthy, validalternative to traditional smoking systems, as it is produced in full compliance with EU and FDA regulations and with respect for the health of smoking-process workers and final customers.

Dalton Liquid smoke is available in 20 kg packages.

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Other Adjuvants


A salt mix to prevent early blowing.

Salter has to be solved in warm water and then added to milk before the coagulant.

Salter is available in 25 kg packages.


This is a natural enzyme to prevent late blowing.


An anti-mould powder containing natamycin (50%) and lactose (50%), Dalton’s Antimuffa is effective against most moulds growing on cheese surface during ripening time.
The product must be diluted with water in a percentage between 0,2 and 0,5 %.
Antimuffa is available in 100, 500, and 1000 g packages.

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