Our Dairy Cultures

Dalton cultures are produced through careful and rigorous selection, resulting from the joint efforts of our R&D, Technical, and Technological Departments. Our modern and efficient production plant together with our state-of-the-art production techniques ensure constant quality of microbiological activities and macrobiological properties.

All our cultures can be provided in conformity with Kosher and Halal certification requirements.

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Our Cheese Starter Cultures

The starter cultures developed by Dalton laboratories are now used by some of the world’s most renown cheese makers.

Besides thermophilic starter cultures – traditionally used by the Italian cheese making industry – we also provide mesophilic and mixed starter cultures for the production of continental and long-ripened cheeses as well as for yoghurt and fermented milks.

At Dalton Biotecnologie we can provide custom formulations that will allow cheese makers to obtain products with consistent, high-quality standards.

All our formulations are available in a wide range of bacterial strains for rotation schedules to prevent bacteriophage contamination.

We can provide all of our formulations both for direct vat inoculation and bulk culture preparation in milk, whey or medium cultures.

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Our Yoghurt and Fermented Milk Starter Cultures

Our yoghurt starter formulations have been developed to meet all of our customers’ different needs for consistency, texture, acidity, and  aroma.

Our Kefir, Kefir Mild, and Ryazenka cultures have been specifically developed to replicate faithfully the characteristics of typical fermented milks.

The unique quality of Dalton starter cultures is their extremely low post-acidification in the final product, which allows the organoleptic and structural properties of the product to be preserved throughout its shelf-life.

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Other Cultures

  • Mould Cultures
  • Protective Cultures
  • Propionic Cultures
  • Autochthonous Cultures
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