Other Cultures

Our Moulds

Dalton can provide moulds for surface-ripening and blue cheeses. Thanks to their unique properties, our moulds allow for a total customization of the cheese, both as far as regards its distinctive appearance as well as with regard to the proteolytic and lipolytic activities which influence or generate aroma and flavour.

Some of our moulds and mould formulations can enhance biological antagonistic activities to block  development of harmful microorganisms.

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Cultures Characteristics

Penicillium candidum FR

  • white and short mycelium, low dense
  • low lipolytic and proteolytic activity, low flavouring

Penicillium candidum CL

  • very white and short mycelium, rather dense
  • strong lipolytic and proteolytic activity, intense flavouring

Penicillium roqueforti M

  • intense grey-green, short and dense
  • rapid growth, medium proteolytic and lipolytic activity
  • mildly spicy flavouring and taste

Our Protective Cultures

Dalton’s protective cultures can successfully block development of mould and yeast on the surface of cheese and yoghurt.

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Cultures Composition


  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus


  • Lactobacillus plantarum

Penicillium candidum LO

  • rather white and high mycelium, low dense, strong antimucor activity
  • low lipolytic and proteolytic activity, low flavouring

Geotrichum candidum T

  • white and ondulated mycelium,  looking halfway between yeast and  mould
  • medium lipolytic and proteolytic activity,  intense flavouring

Geotrichum candidum D

  • white mycelium, filamentous, very similar to Penicillium
  • medium lipolytic and high proteolytic activity, low flavouring

Penicillium roqueforti

  • intense dark blue-green, short and dense
  • rapid growth, strong proteolytic and lipolytic activity
  • high salt tolerance
  • provides flavouring and spicy taste

Our Propionic Cultures

Dalton’s propionic cultures can ensure the formation of medium and large holes in Emmental and Dutch type cheeses.

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Cultures Properties

DPr 02

cultures for development of medium-sized holes

DPr 03

cultures for development of holes in Emmental cheese type

Special formulations are provided to the customer's request

Our autochthonous Starter Cultures

The typicalness of PDO “Protected Designation of Origin” and traditional cheeses can be influenced not only by the properties of the milk and the production technology involved, but also by the microbial starter cultures traditionally used in the making of these types of cheese.

Dalton  Biotecnologie can isolate and select these autochthonous strains obtained by traditional bulk cultures from milk or whey, then we can purify and reproduce them to make them safe and stable.

(for further info, please check our Customer Support and Customized Formulations sections)

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